Terranova Milk Thistle 500mg – 50caps



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100 Fresh freeze-dried Milk Thistle - no fillers binders or other additives

After harvesting TERRANOVAS phytoFRESH fresh freeze-dried botanicals are cleaned immediately flash-frozen and then freeze-dried Unlike standard drying methods which can degrade important compounds and alter a plants delicate biochemical balance fresh freeze-drying of plants actually helps protect both potency and balance even retaining enzyme activity Research shows that freeze-drying offers clear advantages over other drying methods in terms of activity and preservation of original plant constituents Freeze-dried plants are more soluble and have superior shelf stability

1 Capsule Typically Provides

Milk Thistle Seed Silybum Marianum - fresh freeze dried 500mg
Typical assay range: 15 25mg silymarin

Vegetarian Capsule Shell Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose 95mg


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