Phkind Immunity & Energy Formula



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A jam-packed supplement that helps support immunity, energy levels alongside supporting bone health, cardiovascular health, dental health as well as protecting cells from oxidative stress! All these benefits from one simple daily capsule! All ingredients have been created to be effective as a combination and are in optimum doses and in the most efficient forms. This is the product to take to provide overall support for health & wellbeing.


A healthy immune system is a must for optimum health and wellbeing, especially as we are all over-loaded with work and / or family commitments, with generally little time for our own wellbeing. The one simple thing you can do for yourself is to maintain your immunity and energy levels.


A synergistic blend of ingredients to support the immune system and provide optimum energy levels for training and performance. The B vitamins (in optimum doses) are essential for efficient energy metabolism and maintaining optimum energy levels throughout the day.


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